Tom Hanks


I'm that actor in some of the movies you liked and some you didn't. Sometimes I'm in pretty good shape, other times I'm not. Hey, you gotta live, you know?

Who am I this time? Hanx @deanrichards #WGN

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2035 days ago

Who am I this time? Hanx #WGN


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esraa_aDam 2003 days ago

Awesomeness, as usual.

ElianaCox 2029 days ago -entertainment section has a great article on all your memorable rolls entitled Hanks for the memories June 30th

CazOConnell 2030 days ago

Um... Is this a Village People Tribute Band?

iPokerGODi 2034 days ago

You are my favorite actor

VampLuv83 2034 days ago

A man of many talents....or so u do a pretty convincing job of that. Wish Hooch was in the pic!

realochw 2035 days ago

Busom Buddies!

privatepop 2035 days ago

Where's Santa?

beauregardclagh 2035 days ago

"You" but that can be lost sometimes with all the masks that one might wear.

stylemarcia 2035 days ago

love your photos!!

WynnFilms 2035 days ago

Tom, please don't ever stop acting! #TooMuchTalent

SophalMiracle 2035 days ago

Adorable Tom, who wouldn't want to hang around by Hanks! Hello, Happy Crowdy Day! #WGN #fb

Butch285 2035 days ago

Here's another Tom Hanks. My friend named his dog after you.

michaelaroman 2035 days ago

Awesomeness, as usual.

Elwoodmom 2035 days ago

Your name is Tom Hanks. Should we worry about you? *grin*

zaphara 2035 days ago

Lol @ HerrFoster's pic!

Miley74 2035 days ago

This has to be one of the coolest pictures ever

HerrFoster 2035 days ago

the essence of the Hanx has been captured:

richpeccinyc 2035 days ago

I see its all the characters you have played throughout the years.. However, I dont remember you portraying Candice Cameron there
on the Right?

beersnob1 2035 days ago

The latest addition to the New Peewee's Playhouse, or, an expanded version of The Village People.

stannpeter 2035 days ago

If I ever make it as an actor, I'm gonna insist that I only play characters named Forrest.