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I'm that actor in some of the movies you liked and some you didn't. Sometimes I'm in pretty good shape, other times I'm not. Hey, you gotta live, you know?

Who am I this time? Hanx @wgn9

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1773 days ago

Who am I this time? Hanx


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HerrFoster 1773 days ago

I think this picture says it all:

igna83 1773 days ago

Mr. White - "That Thing You Do"

__LEESE__ 1773 days ago

I dont know... Forrest? ;) RT Alright. Who am I this time?

TheToolBoxShop 1773 days ago

p.s. if it's a lookalike contest the guy in the center doesn't stick a chance...bit creepy:)

marshallsplace 1773 days ago

Jackie Chan?

TheToolBoxShop 1773 days ago

Dad of the Brady Bunch?

Dr_Feelgood83 1773 days ago

You surrounded by some of your characters.

Jay_Deal 1773 days ago

Ah. Yourself amidst past character roles. Is there a prize?

vitalcinema 1773 days ago cartaz no cinema

Gamingdude47 1773 days ago

Is that Buzz Lightyear on your left?

Jay_Deal 1773 days ago

The one who's driving the crazy bus?

andydeluen 1773 days ago

The new Forrest gump in later life? Hehe perhaps Even the best actor ever with deniro as the 1 exception

vitalcinema 1773 days ago

tom entrar no meu blog e

superboetti 1773 days ago

With your face all yellow I would have to say some Chinese guy;-)

Rjmoon25 1773 days ago

Where's Hooch?

parkertr0n 1773 days ago

All of them, as your various characters throughout the years. amirite?

trishpip 1773 days ago

Okay, so it looks to me as if they had people come in dressed as characters you've played in the past - my favorite is the Kip/Buffy, standing behind Jim Lovell. Woody looks a little too happy...

JasonJackFlash 1773 days ago

I'm lookin' this picture up and down, and I have to stick with Richard Nixon. It's VERY 1969 !

berriesandblood 1773 days ago

The only sane one?

joni525 1773 days ago

Besides the best looking guy in the group? No idea!