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Keep finding these around my apartment, not for sure who is leaving them

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1953 days ago

Keep finding these around my apartment, not for sure who is leaving them


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chung518 1829 days ago

Kind of mysterious stuff...

alachebagna 1837 days ago

who's the othe woman?

Valentyn_K 1879 days ago

Nice floor in your apartment )))

brydahrose 1920 days ago

من اين اتى ؟؟
انه من الايام القديمه
Where did it come from??
It's the old days

JustSweetAngel 1922 days ago

My sister and mother leave these everywhere! drives me nuts!!!

sweetsweetjessy 1948 days ago

kinda spooky

Adrianne_O3O 1952 days ago

Err... Who a F would leave those around? Adri confuzzled... o3o

liljazzdancer00 1953 days ago

oops sorry thats mine

phdunham 1953 days ago

You have an alter ego that you are still unaware of.

UnexpectedArts 1953 days ago

Somebodies been studying lock picking ;)

BeccaL_Friedman 1953 days ago

i didnt know your hair was that long

Hillsy099 1953 days ago

The bobby pin fairy!

moonwulff 1953 days ago

Can I have that back?

tommy2chips 1953 days ago

What on earth is that?

sfrye23 1953 days ago

she's leaving them around cuz she thinks you could b cheating an if the other girl see's your busted

Tash_42 1953 days ago

Tash_42 1953 days ago

...I think she's secretly using them to try and take over the world!!

Tash_42 1953 days ago

Haha, my sister has a tendency of depositing bobby pins wherever she goes...

ElamTseyatas 1953 days ago


KlumzyTung 1953 days ago

If they keep disappearing too then you may have a Cliptomaniac on the loose!