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The Birdman like you've never seen him before, unfeathered.

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2629 days ago

The Birdman like you've never seen him before, unfeathered.


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dakmafia 2628 days ago

caliroll knows what hes talking about. lakers in 6..

JunstaDomous 2628 days ago

You heard it from June...Nuggets vs Magic...Nuggets in 5!!!! Stay focused fellas, the world is yours

airfiqo 2628 days ago

Lol, man has a soul patch !

shwinky789 2628 days ago

birdman will fly over bynum

mrchess909 2628 days ago

lakers in 5 Denver won't be as tough as everyone is predicting. Sorry Nuggets Fans, you guys had a good year!!! lt's a done deal though

MrRAlexander 2628 days ago

This dude is such a douchebag.

babi225 2628 days ago

Nuggets fan crack me up when I hear them talk aba defensive matchups. Kobe against jones? Pleeaasse. Dude will foul out in every game. Refs won't respect him as much as k-mart who unfortunately has to guard Pau. A 7 footer vs. a 6-9 guy? He is more like 6

bravoism 2628 days ago

the birdman is in the building could you not like this guy hes the shit to watch...only dont fould out in 13 minutes like you normally do..... what is this orange robot in the back ? thats dope

caliroll 2628 days ago

I laugh at everyone who thinks any team that can't close it out early sucks. Lakers breezed their way to the Finals last year, and then got hammered by the Celtics, who played 7 games the whole series. Learn more about Bball kiddos. It's quality, not quan

diegoparra32 2628 days ago

. The only message you guys sent the nuggets was that it took you 7 games to knockout a team without 2 of their stars. I'm not saying houston didnt put up a good fight but Denver only needed 5 games to close out a series.

LSUTiger239 2628 days ago

His Tats are nice as hell

ladycquest31 2628 days ago

lol he still doesn't look anywho..always laker haters are funny...did yall watch the game last night..that was a message for Denever..don't slip up...and Kobe didn't even score a lot..which scary..don't let him get hot it will be OV for them..

Susie_B_ 2628 days ago

Saw it over the weekend

pwh1983 2628 days ago

The best part about him is that he got suspended for acid a few years ago. That totally makes him my favorite player.

daniel428lee 2629 days ago

Birdman is such a G. Gonna block those soft Lacker's shots all season baby

diegoparra32 2629 days ago

I'm a magic fan but i'm really rooting for the nuggets to go to the finals. Hope you guys put the soft ass lakers in their place.

shellyshell7912 2629 days ago

Thats HOT!;-)

andrejstrenk 2629 days ago

Yep, Birdman!!!
Block all those LA shots to the stands, but you'd better watch out for the Cavs...

They're just unbeatable B)

snozzberry 2629 days ago

I was kind of expecting n00dz, not gonna lie, I'm a little disappointed

cheex87 2629 days ago

THATS OUR BIRD!!! He's gonna soar tomorrow in LA! Bynum better watch out!