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A close-up of her makeup

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1772 days ago

A close-up of her makeup


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kmblume 1772 days ago

also how is that a shadow of the microphone??? shadows arent red people!!!

kmblume 1772 days ago

no offence......but she looks like a fat chipmunk!! and her one eye is bigger than the other!!

darksoftpetals 1772 days ago

The microphone's shadow, obviously .. LOL! She's really pretty :)

iguananananas 1772 days ago

lolololol boob hickey xD

Pervy_Belieber 1772 days ago

That is not a shadow. Shadows are not red. That's a Bieber hickey.

datbieberswag01 1772 days ago

whats on her boob XD

HugeBelieber95 1772 days ago

Why would justin give her a hickey there? there's nothing to suck on...no seriously.

ninwaaa 1772 days ago

Eww. Wtf is that her boob? & her eyes looked fucked up, one eye is bigger than the other

lessthan3JBiebz 1772 days ago

Its obviously the shadow of the microphone. look at the mic shape! and her dress is darker there.

SamColie 1772 days ago

nice hickey. now we know why she came late to her own premiere ;)

ICONic_Mafia 1772 days ago

its a rash

xSelenaDreams 1772 days ago

Where do you get this?? :)

Bieber_Assassin 1772 days ago

We all know that i don't like Selena but, this urge to squeeze her cheeks is like KILLING me. LOL.

pasta5sauce 1772 days ago

She's so cute! But what happened to her cheeks? 0_o

empIreofswag 1772 days ago


A_Real_Belieber 1772 days ago

what's up with her boob .... ? LOL i almost thought it was a nipple .

ohisflawless 1772 days ago

luce HERMOSAA *-* pero qe le paso a su bubi :| ?

admiredJustin 1772 days ago

Yo. Wat up with her boob? O.o

IsaaPizzaa 1772 days ago

umm what w/ he boob?

dearestfranta 1772 days ago

Um.. why is her boob red O.o