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It's official: Selena looks gorgeous.

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1892 days ago

It's official: Selena looks gorgeous.


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amturner125 1892 days ago

That dress is amaaaaaazing:)

Kamani92 1892 days ago

looking soooooo beautiful

deansburger 1892 days ago

I agree with .

lustifybieber 1892 days ago

she's beautiful, but since she can't fill the 'V' part, she looks REALLY skinny, so it's kinda ugly..

bieberyankees 1892 days ago

Lmao she doesnt have any boibs at all but she looked ojay she wouldve looked better in a different dress

Courtney__Lynn_ 1892 days ago

She looks . . . pretty .
But I don't like the dress . She had no boobs to fill in the 'V' Part. ://

ninwaaa 1892 days ago

It's official: Selena has no tits.

Gabisgbr 1892 days ago

linda is perfect

VillegasBiebs95 1892 days ago

she looks like an old women... #RealTalk

dy_lara 1892 days ago

i like the hair, but honestly i don't like her dress :/

lecheconte 1892 days ago

she looks so bad! she's all hunched and her boobs are all like saggy and hanging! stupid bitch

HugeBelieber95 1892 days ago

Ewww, you can see selena's bony chest. she has like no boobs to hold up the "V" neck part.

sexifiedJDB 1892 days ago

its about time she cover up .-.

dontseemecry 1892 days ago

gorgeous? she looks like my grandma.

LiveeLoveDelena 1892 days ago

Beautiful<33 she always look so gorgeous<33

ExquisiteMiley 1892 days ago

Dis Shit is not pretty. .__________________________.

HeyItsGiGomez 1892 days ago

na premiere, selena esta com um lindo e perfeito vestido azul!

heyimgabi 1892 days ago

2- Selena why do u have to be so Damn Beautiful ? ahah

SwiftChick13 1892 days ago

i LOVE her dress!

HaliHayweed 1892 days ago

hopefully she knows who she is wearing tonight *rolls eyes*