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It’s @WilliamShatner vs. Chris Pine... Who would you put your money on?

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2040 days ago

It’s vs. Chris Pine... Who would you put your money on?


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link2all1 1644 days ago

They pine for the loss of it here. In that way they lose to the original and Hot James Kirk. http://xsharethis.com He won on a defenseless old man who comes from the Far chastized. http://eblogz.net Plus, he gets kappupattige Canada.

joe4ska 1762 days ago

My money would have been on Shatner no way Chris Pine could beat him.

Jeff_TSCPL 2036 days ago

It's a matter/anti-matter type of thing, they'll cancel each other out.

jeannieharris 2036 days ago

If I were Pine I would consider it most diplomatic to let him win.

SteHorvath 2036 days ago

Look at his face, Chris Pine knows the truth. He's about to be Shat upon!

JimAllder 2036 days ago

Stalemate !

Padraig007 2036 days ago

It's better for Pine if he loses. That way he loses to the original and awesome James Kirk. If he wins, he gets chastized for picking on a defenseless old man. Plus, he gets blacklisted in Canada.

thorvindr 2036 days ago

Patrick Stewart. But srsly, Awesome shot.

Kissfreakincan 2036 days ago

I'm bettin it all on Bill,BTW thanks Bill for coming to Comicon in Calgary YOU R AWESOME!!!

Stephano617 2037 days ago

My money's on Mr. Shatner!!!

lastangelman 2037 days ago

tough call, you both have good right arms, I'm guessing you won this Bill, he has sun in his eyes.

mmouse_wdw 2037 days ago

Looks like it is time for the old Kobayashi Maru!

Blargal 2037 days ago

my money is on the Tribbles.

BfGaR 2037 days ago

Age and trickery will always win out over youth and enthusiasm. Plus, you can't possibly imagine the amount of muscle the guy on the left has!

SondraGail 2037 days ago

I'd be happy to trade places with either one.

litedave 2037 days ago

Captain James T. Kirk

RossMannell 2037 days ago

You can see the strain on Chris's face... he knew he was outclassed. :)

laurijowen 2037 days ago

As the most impressive, heroic man in our galaxy, Bill must have won.

MrHyde77 2037 days ago

My money's on the table collapsing under immense stress being exerted on it (from Bill's waistline)

RichardKhanJr 2037 days ago

Go "Over the Top" Bill ;-)