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Larry the dog in bad boy lockdown. Pom Pom still the "good one"

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1924 days ago

Larry the dog in bad boy lockdown. Pom Pom still the "good one"


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GeneLand 1923 days ago

Awww, I'm a bad parent. They just get me with those looks and I have to hug em.

Npernasplace 1924 days ago

Did you ever think you'd say Pom Pom was the "good one"?

phanuel3 1924 days ago

Larry is looks like one of my old boyfriends. sad of being stuck in the closet... :)

1dragonflyred 1924 days ago

Poor larry! It is probably pom's fault and blamed it on larry.

katwhiskey 1924 days ago

Poor Larry! What did the guy do to be put in 'bad boy lockdown'??

dgdockery1 1924 days ago

look at that sad face :(

mediasnark 1924 days ago

C'mon Kathy... RELEASE THE HOUND... I've always wanted to say that in a non-evil/Monty Burns kind of way

JasonJackFlash 1924 days ago


HolMarKid 1924 days ago

Larry you still one "lucky dog" - cheer up dude:)

TalkingAndStuff 1924 days ago

I want him to sell me some insurance when he gets out of lockdown! :)

AtlGuynSF 1924 days ago

You're so mean to that *sweet* dog! :(

welshope 1924 days ago

sad give him another chance !!!

BarooTalloo 1924 days ago

uh oh! what did Larry do? don't be too hard on him..,