I like long walks and little things made of glitter. I also enjoy short walks and I hate glitter. I'm complicated.

Looky at what I've done for this week. Gak! It's awesome!

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1895 days ago

Looky at what I've done for this week. Gak! It's awesome!


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bruextian06 1894 days ago

wew it's huge

G_ManAE 1894 days ago

hmm, has an air of a god of death/destruction to it LOVE IT!!!
~G Man

Karmytex 1894 days ago

Do Not nerf it. Seriously people stop complaining. Please don't change.

Onyx_DM 1894 days ago

Its oversized, nerf it please.

Karmytex 1894 days ago

Looking great. Now only an armor to match with those would be nice.

Jokyslhs 1894 days ago

i dont think theyre good..theyre kind of big and...why not makem abit sall bout the helm and black? C:

MartinXD_Street 1894 days ago

wohoo nice!

Aeonarial 1894 days ago

Wasn't that the sneak peak? pretty rawrsome!

Zorfinity 1894 days ago


QuestionMarkII 1894 days ago

Or a shorter blade.

QuestionMarkII 1894 days ago

DAT. SCYTHE. Needs a longer handle

Tooterser 1894 days ago


Top_AE 1895 days ago

wow.....and why isnt the magma armor made by poli in this week's release?

Renas_AE 1895 days ago

Its awesomenesss!!!!!!!!!

mturf 1895 days ago


jgborg4 1895 days ago

Epic horns! =D

HSsai 1895 days ago

are we fighting a magma golem or sumtin

blaze3semi 1895 days ago


stealthycupcake 1895 days ago