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no one's home #planking

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1889 days ago

no one's home #planking


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testascossa 1889 days ago

the same thing im doing at work during my break ahahahah

AsetDivine 1889 days ago


K_HjLL 1889 days ago

Cool shadows colors and {lighting-(blueyelloworange red version of the GOODFELLAS}- trippy picture...

Jay6Seven83 1889 days ago

LOL, Nicely Done!

scarios13 1889 days ago

Lol, the movie "Inception" came to mind when I first saw this pic. That's bad ass by the way.

CharlesDiAngelo 1889 days ago

I wonder? They Have Flash Mobs right? wonder if they ever had Flash Plankers that would be Sweet!

CharlesDiAngelo 1889 days ago

Reminds me of this Hypnotist i went to Straight as a board light as a feather! lol

CrashAvery 1889 days ago

Hmm... Could be a stunt double, even though your hair and hand look genuine!

VP_PR 1889 days ago it..

kCnReSf 1889 days ago

my crush has just become even larger. geez.

JordanSellas 1889 days ago


AaronBBrown 1889 days ago

that dangerous, don't make me tell your mother :)

jspurdy73 1889 days ago

Great body control. I'm jealous am home, just had back surgery and bored ur tid-bits keepin me sane

playhouse76 1889 days ago

Great lines, by the way. Impressive.

playhouse76 1889 days ago


MJCastelli 1889 days ago

LOL!!! Awesome!!!

CharlesDiAngelo 1889 days ago

OMG! LOL! That's Too Sweet! I want to do that so bad at this Sushi bar i like!

JonVane 1889 days ago

you're amazing