Nick Groff


Executive Producer and Co-host Investigator for Travel Channel's Series, Ghost Adventures...Friday's at 9pm. I also Co-Founded GAC(Ghost Adventures Crew)

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1181 days ago


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snarksteronline 917 days ago

I will come with you on a week-long Ghost Adventure!

KelliSchurch 1181 days ago

That's an awesome picture!!! I like how your in mid air looking like you're floating.

zackieD21 1181 days ago

Go Ahead Nick lol Labron got nothing on you man :p

thehavoc002 1181 days ago

this looks like someone photo shopped aa pic of you in the air! lol

jlange2132 1181 days ago

Awesome but where is the ball :-)

catperson59 1181 days ago

Loving it...Go Nick... Go Nick...Watch out Lebron...

Safka75 1181 days ago

Great shot!

Belza66 1181 days ago

That is awesome! :-)

gypsies_kellogs 1181 days ago

its a bird, its a plane,...NO!.....its nick? =D

Julie_Elwood 1181 days ago

That's a Michael Jordan jump right there!

Alina_Langley 1181 days ago

did you drop off the rim?

KZizzle120 1181 days ago

ahah nick groff is ballin!!

Ladyfox7oaks 1181 days ago

Sweet series of shots..

TonyaWard1 1181 days ago

Damn that white boy can jump!

EitonArroyo 1181 days ago

ouhh damn! really?!

nancydrewII 1181 days ago

It's a bird, it's a plane, NO! It's Super Nick!

KateBorogo 1181 days ago

Ha ur awesome nick

The_Ghost_Girl 1181 days ago

LOL now thats what i call an awesome picture!

Vicki_DeS 1181 days ago

holy shit!!! awesome jump!

CioFinsternis 1181 days ago

woah.... youre a pretty good jumper heh :D great photo :)