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1796 days ago


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JeniferLopez 1795 days ago

Twenty is Not the overall wins. The correct is 5 "Mr.Merckx" + 7 LAnce&Johan +1 AC&Johan so the overall is 13 TdF. JOHAN(LANCE&AC) wins are the same and uniques for both them and not diferent. So the right is 13.sorry Johan however u are the best ever te

JeniferLopez 1795 days ago

THE ONE,THE MAN who SCARE an AGE in CYCLING, "EL CANIBAL", THis man is unique and Hero in his country. like is Miguel InduraĆ­n in Spain.Thanku to this Photo. i waiting for AC moment.

cyclebritain 1795 days ago

The great Eddy Merckx !! Yep - quite a few TDF wins in that pic..!

theresa_p 1796 days ago

Awesome Pic!

MartyClark 1796 days ago

Check out Alan Buttler!

bergurolafsson 1796 days ago

Cool!! 20
Greetings from Iceland :-)

kmcderm 1796 days ago

Eddy = 5, Lance = 7, Johan = 8. That makes 20 :)

LanceChick 1796 days ago

Great picture, Johan!

mrrgiese 1796 days ago

great picture!

bike_girl 1796 days ago

Eddy = 5
LA = 7
EM bikes RoCk! ;)

bertcolebunders 1796 days ago

Great picture! 12

stevearelisky 1796 days ago

unbelievable picture, great to see,

zachmaino 1796 days ago

20 between you, Lance and Eddie. However, we need to factor in the mechanics behind you that have been at the Tour...

caroviarmes 1796 days ago

12 for the both riders. Ask the "baron" if he still believes LA will not participate to TDF ?

spin2win 1796 days ago

Is this a trick question? :o

CharlotteMarie 1796 days ago

Have to agree with volleyrad on how many because your wins as manager totally count in my book! I'd also swear that you have the same look on your face as I had when I had my pic made with you :-)

jsachse 1796 days ago

8 (JB --> Teammanager) + 7 (LA) + 5 (EM) = 20!

jwoppert 1796 days ago

Ok, you are right! Johan just looks like he should have one. Go Johan!

RyanLEdwards 1796 days ago


Stephanievdv 1796 days ago

The last Belgian winner of the Tour was Van Impe in 1976, and Johan raced 'a little bit' later ... 12 :)