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Pickles :)

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1947 days ago

Pickles :)


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patriceramirez 1831 days ago

Whoa! This Cat Is So Big and Have A Little Head... Cute and Weird! My Eyes Right Now Is Like Your Cat In This Pic!

Krdavis3 1838 days ago

Ha you know those birthday cards from hallmart with dogs and cats with overly large eyes?? just saying haha

thelucky1_09 1860 days ago

you know thats a pretty big cat.. but i bet mine is bigger!!

ayaueda 1865 days ago

Miss Pickler is the owner of sweet cat Mr. Pickles, haha!

singerchick123 1871 days ago

what a tiny little kitty, ooooh cute purse!

crystalcook2009 1895 days ago

Looks like he is trying to cover up somthing bad he has done. Like say what I didn't do it the dog did. lol...

nikkis120 1895 days ago

This is one "Big Baby" oh my too adorable, the look on his face! lol...

kck13 1896 days ago

he so chubby and cute!!

jonas_my_loves 1907 days ago

Wow! Pickles is pretty cat :)

babyjrc1367 1915 days ago

that's Pickles!? OMGSH! he's on a video on Taylor's Deluxe CD! its hilarious. :] You and Taylor were showing him a Country magazine :] my cat looks like that too also :P i named him Tiger Baby Missouri Current. My mom found him in our boat :)

mjensen82 1915 days ago

that is one FAT cat! sooo cute though!!

DFraz6 1915 days ago

He looks like my cat Louie, aww I miss my lou boy! *tear* lol I LOVE orange cats! lol

iVieTGrlx 1917 days ago

Lol pickles is a chubby cat :P

akandrea1988 1918 days ago

that is a beautiful cat

sjmx24 1918 days ago

my cat looks like that, and his name is pickles too!

BlondeAmbition8 1926 days ago

Aww, your cat reminds me a lot of my cat. He was 20. He died last July. This kind of cat is supposed to be big. My cat was always big like that, but was never overweight. Have a great Monday. Sophie

adamrickert2400 1941 days ago

Cute cat

LstInTheSeeThru 1941 days ago

Omg, Kellie. Plz stop feeding him (cat) dry food. He's obese and it'll result in LOTS of health issues. Check this site, please.

Corinned13 1942 days ago

omg how sweeeet!

herbalgirl1 1942 days ago

i love the cat too