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I'm just this guy, you know?

Hello, we're from the Internet.

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2717 days ago

Hello, we're from the Internet.


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groonk 2671 days ago

so that's where my Capt Hammer shirt went.

anna_hoover 2686 days ago

lol...Nerd-fest! ;p

Melanie_Sales 2687 days ago

Internet buds, cool

EnvoyPV 2714 days ago


MafCallow 2714 days ago


Xavienne 2714 days ago

All the cool people are from the Internet.

guntharr 2714 days ago

crappy cellphone pic is made of hawesome!

Wishes69 2715 days ago

You can't tell, lol

thaurfea 2715 days ago

Oh my God, he's wearing a Hammer shirt! I got my ex-boyfriend that shirt...I got myself the Hammer-groupie shirt >.>

jemiahj 2715 days ago

buncha nerds

SiliconFarmer 2715 days ago

Wil, you definitely need to buy a phone with a better camera. Do it for us.

ickybeannetwork 2715 days ago

you look like a kid in a candy store!

thehobo 2715 days ago

I was there! Heee! (not for the pic--for the concert. Which was made all the more awesome by Wil's proclamation. :-) )

LisaMarli 2715 days ago


disasterpiece73 2715 days ago

Well hello there, Mushy Shorts..,

proffurpants 2716 days ago

Professor Furpants' Human Overlord had the great pleasure of seeing Paul&Storm and Jonathan Coulton in concert in Toronto last year (within spitting distance of the stage, even). Also, HO

worldofhiglet 2716 days ago

In years to come, ppl will look back and think....couldn't Sandeep have bothered to shave?!?

Geehak 2716 days ago

What the fuck is the internet?

crimsong19 2716 days ago


lesslee43 2716 days ago

The Dream Team, im sure that what ever projects you and the other'sare working on will be a success,"huzzah and well met"!