kellie pickler



me and my babies....

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2803 days ago

me and my babies....


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mfaubion 2608 days ago

omg, that looks just like my sisters cat, and she has a little dog too, those are her babies too, she has an orange tabby named joey, cockapoobegal named autumn

bbgoodEJ 2645 days ago

aaaaaawh I'm dying! cutest thing ever!

txrazed 2689 days ago

This is too precious! I know what you mean. The only thing missing is E-Rock. You seem like a really great person.

hm88jr 2693 days ago

possibly the luckiest pup on the earth

Countrygirl0137 2710 days ago

Awww hahah they are TOO cute! I think it's funny how Moo Moo is like squished by Pickles. :) Adorable.

swiftly13 2716 days ago

awww this is so cute us amimals are the cutest ever!!

jennipoo33 2717 days ago

Pets Rock!! Animal lovers do too! :)

shygirl1992 2725 days ago

i have the same dog as urs they are so cute. peace

singerchick123 2726 days ago

look how little the puppy is!!!! thats how small my baby was!

kellies1fan 2727 days ago

omg kellie i got a new cat and i named him Pickles! he looks exactly like ur pickles! Hes massive, lazy, and stubborn! hes really sweet though. he nibbles on ur chin but only if he likes u its so weird

bgenterprises 2728 days ago

kellie! lets play soon!

luvthecorgi 2739 days ago

Love this picture

david1158 2739 days ago

It is just the start , we have 4 cats and two new pups..Chihuahua's..had a big Lizars that died when we were at the CMA fest this year.wish the cats could get along with the dogs,,,heck they don not get along with each other ..

howardsgirl0 2745 days ago

that is soooo my life except I have a beautiful little 6 yr old princess in the mix as well!! makes it really hot!!

MerandaMarieS 2747 days ago

So Adorable:)

allietaylorr 2757 days ago


Sav198 2759 days ago

All beautiful people/animals! lolol!

RoSeKrYsTaL 2761 days ago

thats so cute!

carebear3108326 2765 days ago

all are so cute

Ah0yKatie 2769 days ago