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Drawer of Heads. Waster of Times. My book, Texts from Dog II is available HERE http://t.co/0V4aFr4IJo

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shurbhi 1776 days ago

Psh !!!

Alice_Abenteuer 1776 days ago

i want to haave this *_*

yelyahlwilliams 1776 days ago


juggernau_t 1777 days ago

haha..ulty invention. fellaz d inventor shud b nominated fr d Nobels.

billybobcp99 1777 days ago


anadfr 1777 days ago


ThijsSouffriau 1777 days ago


chanmaster 1777 days ago

where can i buy this keyboard?

lonelygirl64 1777 days ago

Hahaha...this is clever!

DavieLegend 1779 days ago

I was waiting to be the 51,664th person to view this picture. That number is very special to me.

LodovikoZ 1779 days ago

No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to type.

nicolas_kz 1779 days ago

coisa de carioca

ChuanpitrK 1780 days ago

Awww it'sh indeed Shawn Connery's keyboard! Shcotch whisky for you who came up with the idea! LOL!

lynneNaranek 1780 days ago

bwaahahaha! :) [Sean Connery's keyboard]

INDIGO_diamond 1780 days ago

lol I'll send it to my cousin her name start with SH

K_Stokes_Smith 1780 days ago

awww! Still, it's an interesting commentary on the Twitter voice (sound we hear) we give people..

Flopod 1780 days ago

Shift ?

covertlaugh 1780 days ago

Very funny.....think i talk the same after some whiskey!

ChrissMonroe 1780 days ago

Capsh lock...Thatsh funny!!! I will be shaying it all day and probably forever...