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Here I raise mine Ebenezer, hither by thy help I'm come & I hope by thy good pleasure, safely to arrive at home.

Ryan Dunn is in hell! WBC 2 picket funeral 4 this filthy mocker 2 warn the living: fear & obey God! #GodH8sDunn

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1776 days ago

Ryan Dunn is in hell! WBC 2 picket funeral 4 this filthy mocker 2 warn the living: fear & obey God! #GodH8sDunn


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Dan_Guarnieri 1772 days ago

Listen here u bunch of religious cocksuckers just cuz the guy didn't live his life exactly the way u think he should doesn't mean shit...it isn't ok to touch little boys either but u religious pricks let that happen

Sadisticbitch87 1775 days ago


AlexAldape1 1775 days ago

They also picket funerals for fallen soldiers, because the U.S.A. lets gay people in the military.

AlexAldape1 1775 days ago

Wow! Trust me when i say not all people from Kansas think like this douche!! We hate him too!!

Andi_iRock 1775 days ago

if i lived in PA, id make sure they didnt make it anywhere near the funeral *cough* bombs *cough*!!

Andi_iRock 1775 days ago

oh and ps wbc: god hates liars so we'll see yall in hell, and we'll play by our own rules!

Andi_iRock 1775 days ago

nobody has to worry cuz if they come anywhere near dunns funeral the jackass crew will deal w/ it!!

Mike_Durham 1775 days ago

I would love to chew on your fucking eyeballs.

69bam 1775 days ago

i get the feeling bam margera will drop kick these fuckers right in the face if they even dare

JustJenn007 1775 days ago

picketing a funeral is not right for any reason at all. THIS CHRISTIAN WOULD LIKE TO SAY FUCK WESTBORO BAPTIST & THEIR JUDGEMENTAL ASSES!

JustJenn007 1775 days ago

I believe the worst of sinners can go to Heaven. And if I chose to go burn down this p.o.s. church, I still know I'm going to heaven.regardless of Dunn's choices in life, he had a life & people loved him & are mourning his life. picketing a funera

JustJenn007 1775 days ago

wow! this is why people turn against God. Lord, save us from your people! This makes me sick. Sounds like they are rejoicing instead of praying that he has salvation. You never know who has ended up where until you get there and take a look around. I beli

KweenofRocknRol 1775 days ago

Well, I never wanted to burn down a church until now.

moisesperez 1775 days ago

In Heaven Dunn is helping God into in a shopping cart laughing his ass off at WBC.

Debby_Cakes 1776 days ago

In all fairness............I live in Kansas and trust me, we are ALL ashamed of these rejects!

burgandyvision 1776 days ago

this is why I have no interest in visiting Kansas!!! Life's too short to be right all the time

Kerzo_xx 1776 days ago

you people make me SICK!!!!!!!! Deluded and crazy. So hateful and twisted.get a life.

Havenindeath 1776 days ago

#eye4aneye someone will picket all their funerals

Havenindeath 1776 days ago

If they were real Christians they'd knw they're not supposed to judge or hate. Suck on that u cult

Auguste_Ra 1776 days ago

i bet Ryan Dunn reading this now and laughing lol bullshit!!!