Keith Olbermann


Host, 'Olbermann' 11 pm on ESPN2. ESPN number may vary Hurry up with my damn croissants.

The Countdown @Current staff toasts you, in thanks for your support and your loyalty!

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2071 days ago

The Countdown staff toasts you, in thanks for your support and your loyalty!


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CheetahPizzas 1985 days ago

I missed this pic. Why is that? Any reason this looks like The Last Supper?

LastBrainLeft 2070 days ago

I don't even know if I get Current TV, and I still don't care.

LastBrainLeft 2070 days ago

Look at all those white people. It looks like a Brady family reunion.

shipwrecked_06 2070 days ago

Is that one of the Mario Brothers on the far right?

joe_dougherty 2070 days ago

I give it six months before implosion. Nine at the outside. And Current gets another year. Have a nice day.

BaracksEvilTwin 2070 days ago

Nice! But how did that 1 black guy get in?

ksoileau 2070 days ago

Look at all the white people. But I'm sure Olbermann isn't a racist, right?

pjdroney 2070 days ago

Hey did you get all your viewers in one room???

nowve 2070 days ago

Right back at you.

desertvoice 2071 days ago

Outstanding work! Keith...contributors...mission...technical...proud of you all!

Yankeeeagle 2071 days ago

Oh, so this is the staff Page Six said didn't exist. Great job, NY Post. Not!!!!!

BJeanyB 2071 days ago

Great show, I'm really glad to see you back.

JohnSBrandt 2071 days ago

Just noticed the requests for podcast. See! 9X/day ISN'T enough. Keith & Co all the time!

JohnSBrandt 2071 days ago

We're breathing again. Thanks a lot. (& time to start the pool for number of days until Current overtakes that other channel.)

SoCalKimski 2071 days ago

I adore each and everyone of you who made tonight possible. Thanks so much & congrats!

DorianCorr 2071 days ago

Congrats to the whole staff. The show was different, definitely it's own thing, Marcos WHOA! :)

BellaMMadonna 2071 days ago

And this is just the beginning. It's going to get better and better! Tonight was phenomenal!

corporateolbs 2071 days ago

Wonderful that he's against corp influence though. His sponsors? Lexus, F Grant, and big pharma!

corporateolbs 2071 days ago

Great that the 10 million dollar man is fighting for us little people? U all make that right?

MardieMillit 2071 days ago

Cheers! Hope there's more than 3 bottles of Agent Orange there.