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The Magical Order of The Arch Mages - Three people float in mid air in a clearing in the Tera Forest. A girl with long brown hair wearing a purple robe and a small crown atop her shining hair. A small blue orb floats around her as she speaks. Her name is Lyana. Also there is a man with red hair, wearing a red robe and a golden crown with a golden wing sits on each side. His eyes are a burning red, his name is Legor. Beside him is a blonde haired man with a blindfold on wearing a green robe wielding a long green staff that resembles a vine, his name is Samuel. All three are in deep conversation, each of them has elf ears and wields immense power. "Samuel PLEASE! We shall not do any such thing!" Lyana says in fury. Legor sighs "We will continue as planned.". Samuel says as he taps his foot with his staff "When the others get back we will continue this discussion!". A giant stone gate floats in an endless void, shattered glass floats all around and the sky all around them is purple with what appears to be pink explosions. A man with dark blue kneels in front, wearing a dark blue robe with a dark blue staff laying beside him, on the tip of the staff is a sky blue gem, circled by a series of floating shards of many colours. He opens his eyes and they are white. He stands and picks up his staff, "Lucas, we must leave now as the others are waiting." a woman with long silver hair approaches from behind him, walking on an invisible floor. She wears a long black cloak and a symbol of a star is on her head. "Of course.". Lucas turns and begins to walk towards her. They walk to a small boat floating in the air. Once they board, they are in the middle of the largest lake, they leave for Tera. Lucas turns and looks back at a small hole in the air, he waves his hand and it vanishes.