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All I'm saying is...London, "night one". Getta loada THIS, gays...

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1999 days ago

All I'm saying is...London, "night one". Getta loada THIS, gays...


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ShellyBlock 1981 days ago

this is like a before and after!! how cute

Justice_Bob 1998 days ago

I don't believe this. Total fake! This is your travelling Joan mannequin, admit it Kathy!!

Namaste922 1999 days ago

My Two Favorite Gals!

karmamule 1999 days ago

It's like a modern-day Hera and Eris :-D

PHILterless 1999 days ago

Is that a wax museum? I heard they are beautiful in London

raisanette 1999 days ago

Who's the mother who's the daughter?? bahaha... #bOLD

uncleverdot 1999 days ago

Those wax figures look so real.

SirZane 1999 days ago

OMG!! It's the new royal couple!!!

iamthe_queen 1999 days ago

O M G Kathy you are so thin you look FAB-U-LOUS!

JJLART 1999 days ago

Meget smukt !

AmyK0_o 1999 days ago

You both look beautiful.

JazBenz 1999 days ago


marymad 1999 days ago


OrionValentine 1999 days ago

HOLY FUCK! There's just SO MUCH fabulous in this picture! *dies*

qtimo 1999 days ago

Some nerve having a photo of the two of you w/o somem hilarious.
Still looking for what's funny. .

atallz84 1999 days ago

JOAN!!! <33333
& wow, Kathy you look stunningg, love the dress.
Love, Kath-eter Mandy T

Gmski 1999 days ago

Hubba Hubba!

mrs_kidrock 1999 days ago

look at that teeny tiny waist girl!! jealous!! lol <3

DeannaKnerr 1999 days ago

You look great!!.

AtlGuynSF 1999 days ago

Love Joan! Did you steal any of her jokes?