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Host, 'Olbermann' 11 pm on ESPN2. ESPN number may vary Hurry up with my damn croissants.

#Countdown @Current SneakPeek3: The first photo of our new set as it appears on a tv monitor. Tada!

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1276 days ago

#Countdown SneakPeek3: The first photo of our new set as it appears on a tv monitor. Tada!


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skotti1 1276 days ago

Capital dome will now be 'white' day or night, & guest flesh tones will be correct/Ntwrk fossil.

skotti1 1276 days ago

Please fix the D.C. shot.Change the Kineflow bulbs to Cool 5600K & color balance daylight

profpatti 1276 days ago

Glad I did not sedate myself! Every story we are talking about, you are talking about! Yaay!

GandolphThePoet 1276 days ago

Is this the deck of the Starship ENTERPRISE ?

dabsab 1276 days ago

Lets get goin.. I got my ticket and I'm making the pop corn.... Can't wait for the show///

skotti1 1276 days ago

KEITH.Break a le..Whoa!Nope, ur already on one cane."Take a hockey puck for Stu!"(Nahan)KABC pal

DeusFurore 1276 days ago

Nice new set Keith. Can't wait to have your voice back where it belongs: ON THE AIRWAVES!

sheltiekate 1276 days ago

VerySpace Age - can't wait

ProfMadmax 1276 days ago

Muad'Dib! This will serve due notice on House Harkonnen, indeed!

Tom_Myers 1276 days ago

Don't you mean "Keith and Mr. Winner of the 2000 Presidential Election"? :-)

rwgriswold 1276 days ago

Getting a flashback of Tom Hanks playing the piano with Robert Loggia in Big. :)

FNerron 1276 days ago

Can't wait to get back into my old habit (watching this show), like an old pair of slippers.

snowshoehare 1276 days ago

Blue. Wonderful!

Martinez1a 1276 days ago

Nice it blue for a reason and not "red". Hmmmmm...

bellaluna155 1276 days ago

Much nicer than that other station...

mammothg 1276 days ago

Way very cool. Soo looking forward to the show.

jazzcattrio 1276 days ago

LOVE this! That's a very pretty shade of blue. :)

CheetahPizzas 1276 days ago

It's very 'spacey.' Where's 'The Captain's Chair'? Mr , fire photon torpedos. #PlanetFOXNews #StarTrek

jvoyageur 1276 days ago

Totally love this set! Will look even better with you in it.

bijoudesigncom 1276 days ago

oooOOOOOoooo... spacey... :D