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Mike writes/podcasts/hosts video content for http://Lakers.com, and is the @TWCSportsNet sideline reporter for Lakers broadcasts; Northwestern alum.

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2602 days ago


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anlounikevmarq 2601 days ago

Lakers, you did it again!!! Great job. Can't wait to see game 1 against denver 2mrw!!!!

3WidgerBrats 2601 days ago

My two faves!

gabsgabbin 2601 days ago

Those are my two favorite boys! And Pao... Un copaso!!!!!

JerryBruckheime 2601 days ago

Great Job Kobe and Company... Bravo.. Encore...Standing ovation.... JB

AnnieM2009 2601 days ago

Can't understand why the refs seem to have it in for Kobe. They clobber him and they don't call fouls and he barely touches someone and they call a foul on him.

GenerousHandful 2601 days ago

Great job, Lakers! Can't wait to watch the rest.

ultraviolet24 2601 days ago

ooh, hope you'll make these drama series a happy ending!

ultraviolet24 2601 days ago

lakers! you thrilled me in every game!

Msksw 2601 days ago

I love ya Kobe & the Lakers, Go Lakers!!!

lqd666 2601 days ago

I love kb&LA ,go go!

rocibel 2601 days ago

HaHa Not Pau's best pic... but love him!!!

losangelesnativ 2601 days ago

Kobe wins when he wants to that's it, if he loses it's because he does not want to win. NOW CRUSH CARMELO FAST

slimshadyliran 2601 days ago

la go!!!

NemoKUSHandOj 2601 days ago

yea kobe & pau was doin they thing rockets got blown out!

NemoKUSHandOj 2601 days ago

yea kobe & pau was doin they thing rockets got blown out!

freaky_curves 2601 days ago

sexy look@ my boys

ErickaSimone 2601 days ago

*starts following *

Tatianatierra 2601 days ago

Kickin' ass and takin' names! utah: OVA. Rockets: DONE. Denver: yr next. [:

xtinevegas 2601 days ago

holla! look at Kobe lookin all fresh! LET'S GO, LAKERS!!!

MESSwilliams51 2602 days ago