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Look what my amazing wife whipped up for fathers day very happy dad!

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2074 days ago

Look what my amazing wife whipped up for fathers day very happy dad!


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stellagurl87 1962 days ago

I wanna try Deb's cooking! I saw you guys on Kimchi Chronicles. Has she made a Korean dish yet?

IDXFox 2000 days ago

Looks healthy!

vicvickvickie 2021 days ago

thats great!! thanks for sharing this special moment..

Libby_Catt 2023 days ago

She could've ironed the table cloth! lol

hai_ou 2029 days ago

Ah, I see it should will be then mixed up with bakon, eggs, some butter and pasta and cheese and fried?)

KhymaLey 2037 days ago

ok.. that's just an appetizer right? that's not the real meal... ;p

GrowlingCat 2063 days ago

Too healthy for me, I get dizzy looking at all those green thingies... what are they called again... cant remember ;)

DUPONTDANJARD 2064 days ago

is this food for human?looks like a dinner for big birds!!!!

dawynsmith 2068 days ago

I am a cook too, and I love the presentation. Beautiful and romantic.

hughlicious 2069 days ago

Oh and by the way, happy belated fathers day!!!

hughlicious 2069 days ago

Wowzers! That looks amazing! deb is the WOMAN!!!!!!

Marcosvalenca 2070 days ago

That should be so healthy, that it might cause me some harm if I eat it! French food for me.

Liette_Ross 2071 days ago

ummm! Granadaa que rico! :)

clearhappysky 2072 days ago

Looks Healthy, Nutritious and Yummy.....Jack!!

piaknowman 2072 days ago

Lucky you ! and please eat red,orange and yellow vegetables too cause balance is always important about nutrition.

GsypyLady 2073 days ago

Happy belated Father's Day to you Mr. is my 58th birthday father thinks I am 53...silly guy. Dinner looks really really good. My name is Debra aka Debbie too.

Bon1 2073 days ago

It looks so amazingly healthy!! Deb is a woman that loves to cook!!

Yumitsunami 2073 days ago

That looks amazing,happy fathers day:)

justpinahyy 2073 days ago

how sweet of your wife Hugh :) ...Happy fathers day love you!!

kittyklysm 2073 days ago

That is a beautiful set up of food.