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1134 days ago



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gonetothemoon 1127 days ago

Hmm, did you check the date on the 17p one? It could have been on the shelf for a while!

titchel 1133 days ago

eh?,....whats THAT all about???!!

DJCaedus 1134 days ago


melindalaidlaw 1134 days ago

Amen! RT gotta love a fudge but its freddos all the way for me!

fisher_mandy 1134 days ago

gotta love a fudge but its freddos all the way for me!

RachelEllen_ 1134 days ago


ela78x 1134 days ago

how good were fudges??

djstephenbenal 1134 days ago

Cant trust those crafty fudge packers.... They"ll shaft you every time!!!!!!

Super_mb 1134 days ago

Blame the coalition.

Fugerlybug 1134 days ago

You've just been robbed!!!

VictoriaKal 1134 days ago

What the..... :|

erthica 1134 days ago

but I'm guessing you still ate them anyhoo?

ChloeMcShaneXOX 1134 days ago

No word of a lie I just gasped in disgust. And it takes an awful lot to make me gasp in disgust.

Twitop 1134 days ago

These used to be sixpence in old money 2 and a half pence 40 years ago

CharlotteKing2 1134 days ago

OMG they used to be 15p.. !!

_kayleighjames 1134 days ago

I love how some of the people commenting don't see what's going on in the picture...

AndreaaAmaze 1134 days ago

My mind is blown! This is insane.

DonnaWould 1134 days ago

60 cent in ireland :(

SkyFatality 1134 days ago

How, why, what, *mind implosion*

duncasaurus_ 1134 days ago

RRP? Recommended RIP-OFF Price?