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I think I just peed my pants. WHY is there a naked bike ride in vancouver?

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1437 days ago

I think I just peed my pants. WHY is there a naked bike ride in vancouver?


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gatyr9 1179 days ago

LOL, that's ME on the rollerblades! I wasn't expecting quite this much exposure. Ha ha. 56,000 views!

belevndremin 1373 days ago

bwahahahah - i wudda peed too ~ I had big babies ~ this wudda done it ~ OMG!

MyTrainerTasie 1394 days ago

Oh yeah, we had that in Toronto last year too. It totally freaked me out!!

sarahmrie 1422 days ago

This isn't the best idea but you won't ever forget it! Gross!!!

jsrbbb 1424 days ago

wow !!!!!! omgosh!!!!!!!!!!!!

syldream 1435 days ago

WTF!!!! this raise money for a worthy cause or something?... WTF!!! Stank is the word!

syldream 1435 days ago

This just nasty!!!!

LorenaMack 1435 days ago

During a fall... I would not concern myself so much with road rash - but rather the impending pileup!

ilovethekevins 1436 days ago

For some reason I thought it was going to be pixelated or only from the waste up! Lmao

dolphinladee 1436 days ago

Portland had their naked bike ride the same day but at night. Just a Pacific Northwest thang! We like to have fun outdoors.

AVeggieFoodie 1437 days ago

Something had to make up for the hockey riots.

ayankeefan51 1437 days ago

OMG. lol i had no idea what i was clicking on.

blondie5o 1437 days ago

This is totally sick!U must have just peed ur pants after that,especially not knowing u were running in2 that!

nicoleketchum 1437 days ago

Bethenny, they just had a nude bike parade in Seattle. Must be a Pacific Northwest thing!

courtneyraven 1437 days ago

Summer Solstice!!!! Check out Seattle's Fremont parade!!

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GioiaRizzo 1437 days ago

Seriously... that is excellent! LOL

vada_marie 1437 days ago

Oh … How could u do that 2 my poor unsuspecting eyes?!!  Laughed til my spleen aches!!

kerch6 1437 days ago

It must be REALLY, REALLY cold up there!!