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Who you are today should be your number one opponent tomorrow.

Kid Like Hella!

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2045 days ago

Kid Like Hella!


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Thrushfang 2044 days ago

Lol, that looks exactly like my nephew!!!

BenjaminZero 2044 days ago

awwww what a cute cool dude =)

MIDNIGHT0521 2044 days ago

This Is Cool Cory, Now Let's See If You Can Convince To Show A Kid Pic Of Her Too!! =D

silverstar1178 2045 days ago

DAAAAAW WITTTLE COWY! <333333333333333333333

4o4os 2045 days ago

Coryyyyy :D

killjoy3R3 2045 days ago


Sweeda88 2045 days ago


Proncubed 2045 days ago

Kid Like Hella -> Dude Like Hella -> Man Like Hella -> Old Fogey Like Hella Correct Progression? Yes!

Jourei 2045 days ago

That actually looks a lot like you. I assume the behavior is still the same too. :D

ecostacey 2045 days ago

aaawww cutie pie

ShireenBrailey 2045 days ago

omg! is that little Corey Williams??
SO friggen cute