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1224 days ago


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NorthusAE 1148 days ago

Dude your so epic

Crysero 1173 days ago


Muffin_Man__AE 1179 days ago

Funny how if you character page "Nulgath" it's sum lvl 7 who's account is disabled... Probs being ordered a new name whilst Miltonius has to edit his screenshots to nulgath xD

AQWorldsDragonP 1186 days ago

Nulgath, You should make a class it would be cool :) and make it a Quest Drop like the Jaggernaut Item.

petterrAQW 1188 days ago

Hell yes man! YES!

alpha567 1191 days ago

u could also have a war with dage and ppl can pick who's side to be on.............

alpha567 1191 days ago

also some new upgrades with a new line of weps and armors and capes.... like 30 new items in ur zone would keep ppl busy

alpha567 1191 days ago

u need a mini storyline like a cutscreen with u evolving and polish and taro launching an att on u...

gothdeath 1191 days ago

u should make nulgath armor rare cause it be weird having a lot ofg ppl with it so could u?

gothdeath 1191 days ago

i think u should do a non mem pet for ur next jugger

GarkoksDran 1193 days ago

will you start upgrading some of ur armors like dage, possibly warlord *hint hint*

AQWDestructr 1198 days ago

Got nulgath Armor today :D

AQWDestructr 1198 days ago

Oblivion Sword:P Just a suggestion

soviath 1201 days ago

hey plz check out my youtube channel at www.youtube.com/sulgilite

alpha567 1201 days ago

i have done the nulgath quest so many times but never recieved totem. could u plz bump up its drop rate

Necarmor 1204 days ago

http://twitpic.com/5mfbec can you please give me some opinion on my first armor... anytime? This is done in the honor of the nulgath legion ;D

666zackaqw 1206 days ago

can u release your old npc armor its cooler and color cutsom plz :-) thx if u do id like it alot

XxArbiter44Xx 1206 days ago

Im so close to getting Nulgath Armor, I just need 2 more dark crystal shards and 8 diamonds :D