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The "Guardian Crystal Phoenix Blade of Nulgath".

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1898 days ago

The "Guardian Crystal Phoenix Blade of Nulgath".


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Eihhart114 1845 days ago

i guess there will be no non member battle-pet except from the temporary skeleton pet

kevinlee1997 1889 days ago

All of these awesome attack pets are for member... can you release some non mem pets too?

SimplyAwsum 1891 days ago

The ten gems thing is for the Oblivion Wrath Blade of Nulgath.

EsherazAE 1891 days ago

It's Member. every pet from Nulgath is member, especially these types.

shimoshao 1891 days ago

I have Crystal Phoenix Blade of Nulgath and do i need that weapon to get Guardian Crystal Phoenix Blade of Nulgath?

trystan123 1892 days ago


underglare 1894 days ago

will it be released

trystan123 1895 days ago

is any gana be released

UnWorthyNinja 1896 days ago

Also on the quest you can choose from Crystal Phoenix blade pet or Phoenix blade of milt pet.

UnWorthyNinja 1896 days ago

Its on a quest. u need crystal phoenix blade to start the quest. And 10 gems to turn it in for pet

AESteven1999 1896 days ago

Make it rank 10 evil rep and 4 million

mackan980 1896 days ago

that can cost 3000 acs i think and maybe rank 10 on evil or something

Dan_X_Doa 1897 days ago

I want a non mem version or at least acs of 1000.if 1100 acs it will be fine too =)

darkking_AE 1897 days ago

so some of pet r rare atm will they be back next week cuz i don't see how fair this will be ._."

Bladestar_X 1897 days ago

this would go great with my icy navel. Too bad that I cant find it.

B_M_3 1897 days ago

Love the sword, can't wait for the pet. And yesh, I'm commenting on most of the new photos. How can you not, they're that damn epic?

johnlor1 1897 days ago

Srry its mem

EliteRevenge 1897 days ago

i hope this is nonmem

mturf 1897 days ago

soooo purteh