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This is the "Battlefiend Blade of Nulgath".

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1034 days ago

This is the "Battlefiend Blade of Nulgath".


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AQWorldsDragonP 996 days ago

You should make a Non-member pet. BUT! make it a hard quest harder than The Jaggernaut Item Of Nulgath.

JackTheJaderJax 1003 days ago

O_O its a mem pet

Foxyarekuu 1007 days ago

Wow! nulgath need to watch tht

Dan_X_Doa 1030 days ago

WTF milt you just added them to juggernaut and make them rare? WTF is wrong with ya?

underglare 1031 days ago

will it be released....

Dan_X_Doa 1031 days ago

I'd buy it for ACS!!! 1.1k?

trystan123 1032 days ago

please releas

12ddd34 1032 days ago

ive got a batter idea: lets make them 3000 ac then we can all waste our money wee for lame ideas

Fwone_Zwei 1033 days ago

omygod that would be awesum with overfiend ^^

guiltius 1033 days ago

fuck yeah!! make it a juggernaut pet

phoenix_AQW 1033 days ago

pls, pls, pls can some of these be non-mem???

CivilAE 1034 days ago

Sorry to Say this, .... But that Ish just beutiful. Hope i didnt offend :)

MacianArt 1034 days ago

im in love <3

TomGaskarth 1034 days ago

are you shitting me?

QuestionMarkII 1034 days ago

Dat name editing is pro skills.

johnlor1 1034 days ago

all of his pet is mem

xParadoxies 1034 days ago

AC pets would be nice.

FedeGarcia90 1034 days ago

Can you make one of this pets NO MEM? :S maybe ACS?

Joe_AQW 1034 days ago