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Just a coupla dumb models exchanging beauty tips...

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1509 days ago

Just a coupla dumb models exchanging beauty tips...


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Chasha_G 1493 days ago

you two with posh Eton boy in the middle... seriously whoever set that up deserves an award!

Justice_Bob 1506 days ago

Sounds like middle east peace talks...

Lonesome 1508 days ago

Kathy I didn't know you were tight with Lindsey Wagner!

consciouswords 1509 days ago

You are such a sunshine ambassador.

BDDishere 1509 days ago

I think I had this dream before!!

Chia_Muffins 1509 days ago

Either Cameron Diaz is a lot taller than I realized or you're a lot shorter than I realized.

NYTugNasty 1509 days ago

Gimmy a piece of that!!!

angelica152011 1509 days ago

.!!! love it.!

DJitwiitter 1509 days ago

1bad ass redhead!

jimrcottage 1509 days ago

Both of you looking smoking hot!!

mokinbird01 1509 days ago

what exactly's goin' on there?

jennmarlowe34 1509 days ago

so pretty!!! and i love the booze in the background! :-)

MrsNattyT 1509 days ago

Cathy lookin good....x....

cynicwithasmile 1509 days ago

I like how Cameron is trying to hide the obvious height difference.

ComedyMuse 1509 days ago

Two of my favorite ladies of all time! The kind of people I am always happy to see and never dread, like most of the annoying celebs these days. Love you both!

sKimTheDetails 1509 days ago

That's a lovely color on you.

lavander_2011 1509 days ago

you are beautiful

Setari 1509 days ago

The one on the left looks like my old High School Sociology/Psychology teacher... o.o.

SirBenBourne 1509 days ago

That's right! just a coupla dumb pretty models. Lol

frodo_lives 1509 days ago