Grant Imahara


Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

Things I never thought I see in the office #106. #fromset #Mythbusters

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1866 days ago

Things I never thought I see in the office #106. #fromset #Mythbusters


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L_Lawrence93 1866 days ago

You gonna blow up pedobear?

Mirokuofnite 1866 days ago

Milton is getting serious about his stapler.

fresh_asparagus 1866 days ago

CCCCCCCute!I want the bear too!Surprise~~

octopussoup 1866 days ago

I think that's the hat wears in his picture.

Sue_Jackson 1866 days ago

Somewhere out there a poor mascot is headless.

Blargal 1866 days ago

Caption: Kari had a BAD day,in the woods. Don't ask.

martillini 1866 days ago

Grant, it's a right to bear arms, not bear heads.

Davadlynn 1866 days ago

Yep...Pedobear sees all. Despite the restraining order.

CGordNorton 1866 days ago

OK people nothing to see here. Get back to work.

Prinplup14 1866 days ago

Bear fursuit is grant a furry O_O

cabbit_c0de 1866 days ago

It wasn't me! *hides his furry stuff*

quoteden 1866 days ago

Why am I thinking Godfather, but with a cheaper animal.

7uff1 1866 days ago


Ringo67 1866 days ago

The desk of a Boston Bruins fan, perhaps?

OsukaAnimation 1866 days ago

OMG you are going to investigate PEDOBEAR Myths?!?

Kittersplat 1866 days ago

I was expecting something weird.

GreendaleSRT4 1866 days ago

OK, who's the furry?

lizzybean76 1866 days ago