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Another rocket scientist on Facebook #Canucksriot #riot

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2048 days ago

Another rocket scientist on Facebook #Canucksriot #riot


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Steve_Anthony22 2047 days ago


ShawtyLovesJB1D 2048 days ago


DJProffezur 2048 days ago

Could have reported it w/o compromising privacy. He could now be targeted by killers. Bad friend

SEENALL 2048 days ago

WORLDS DUMBEST CRIMINAL!!!!!!! hope ya get the book throwen at ya MORON.

Quemical 2048 days ago

LMAO @ the "Brock Anton Sucks Dick" Page on Facebook

kitty_KAT42 2048 days ago

um....wow wat a dummy

rkdorr 2048 days ago

haahaaha what a douche bag!

Inferno_Blitzz 2048 days ago

loool wasteman

drskyskull 2048 days ago

Thank goodness he has such a common name like "Brock Anton"; will make him hard to find. #sarcasm

tleef73 2048 days ago

LMAO...idiot! I hope they nail his ass!

MARnCHARDONNAY 2048 days ago

'Through' yourself off a bridge next time, save us the time.

Psycheko 2048 days ago

How stupid. Just made it easier for the cops to find you.

danmcisaac 2048 days ago

I'll find you Brock. Me and a hundred other respectable Vancouverites plan on disrespecting you!

brownmantshirts 2048 days ago

Stupid moron! Makes us Canadians look bad!

StewMaclean 2048 days ago

He would like his own status.

SP4Z 2048 days ago

what a dumbass, hope he gets in lots of trouble ;p

Falconhawkman 2048 days ago

One word......tool.