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never confuse kindness with weakness .. BIGMISTAKE!

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2077 days ago

never confuse kindness with weakness .. BIGMISTAKE!


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BossLadig 2050 days ago

So true but some people never learn

35ariespeach 2070 days ago

So true i ve been satin that alot lately .

MsSoulGoddess 2075 days ago

Hey,Maxwell...That is so true !

BKLYNCHICK1 2075 days ago

wtf? do tell please!

JRLPoe 2076 days ago

Kindness=sophistication. does not=weakness! Continue 2 charm 'em til they don't kw wht hit 'em! :)

vallynn77 2076 days ago

Looks like a skating rink and he fell on his back and took a picture of the ceiling and lights lol!

joslynbelton 2076 days ago

Maxwell, I am looking forward to seeing your show on VH1 tonight. I know it's going to be awesome, I have already invited all my friends and family to watch it.

fleniecelogan 2077 days ago

learning, that he did no hear your heart when you were singing then. Luv U Max

fleniecelogan 2077 days ago

enjoying the things in life, but don't forget for one minute that when you were growing, hurting,

fleniecelogan 2077 days ago

before that God has to prepare those things for you (her too). I know you're have a good time,

fleniecelogan 2077 days ago

what you need and what you are looking for is not out there, you already have it within. I told you

EvelynCleveland 2077 days ago

You still keep being kind. Love you. I think it makes you better.

gelashea 2077 days ago

Got it! the AA arena where the proud Miami Heat got whipped by the kindness of the Dallas Mavericks!

gelashea 2077 days ago

k 1st plz excuse my ignorance. But what is this?

uniqued 2077 days ago

Yes, that would be a BIGMISTAKE! How you say... "they don't know me very well". Don't let me have to come over there! But I know you got it! :-)

LovelyLynnATL 2077 days ago

Where you invited to a charitable event only to find out the promoter just used you to add a celebrity face at his party?

DisneyGal10 2077 days ago

Afterall... your kindness is your strength!

joslynbelton 2077 days ago

Read your Bible only 144,000 will be going to heaven, there is no such lake of fire which our Creator and Father will be destroying his children in. This is not the "Truth."

joslynbelton 2077 days ago

Your thoughts are important to me. Do not build a wall, instead take down the wall brick by brick so communication can begin. You are angry, with good reason. There is too much hidden tension, bring it to the open. You are important to me.

sherrilovely2 2077 days ago

MAX u know the club scence is not ur style...MAX u r a home body the language they speak is alien 2 u