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...for the heart is an organ of fire...

DAY 60. 

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1958 days ago

DAY 60.


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JonahImoo 1947 days ago

wow it really looks like its popping out at you.

xxzoemonsterxx 1952 days ago

This honestly looked real when I first saw it, incredible job as always :)

CarolinaTuck 1953 days ago

So perfect! *--*

SirilovesKevin 1954 days ago

So detailed! You make simple things look super intresting!

Scumfag 1956 days ago

that is sick! :o

JenniferGenius 1957 days ago

Punk rock!

AleksandraLukac 1957 days ago

Simple things are sometimes more. http://twitpic.com/5c1402

Oddwhims 1957 days ago

Love the shadow also!

DesignzNoir 1957 days ago

you could almost touch it

forrestolsen 1958 days ago

that hella dope sick i got a giant one of those on my backpack.

ShockNJock 1958 days ago

That shit is 3D w/o the glasses! Srsly tho that would make a funky tat.

makesh1ftwings 1958 days ago

Did you leave a safety pin on your book? Amazing.

shotinhell1 1958 days ago

That would be a great tat

Endykay 1958 days ago

Kat Von D! This damn real! Feel like havin A̶̲̥̅ sis like ‎​Ў☺ΰ..... Big up!!!!

Terriaw 1958 days ago

Wow, that looks like a photograph! I'm in awe, especially of those highlights and shadows.

grlRex 1958 days ago

Oh HELL YEAH! That's effective. Mmmm owww!

andrem0rb1us 1958 days ago

Fuckin' nice!

Kendra_Noelle 1958 days ago

Even though its just a safety pin, there's a lot of detail. Its amazing how well you draw things :)

lande747 1958 days ago

that is sooo great :)

FrauPerle 1958 days ago

wow it looks so real ♥