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F ed on no sleep, walking around a mystery city. Can u figure it out??

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1805 days ago

F ed on no sleep, walking around a mystery city. Can u figure it out??


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SirBenBourne 1805 days ago

Top of the latte to ya!

Rufust45 1805 days ago

Looks like same hair & makeup as on Gloria E's dock, but different outfit...

raisanette 1805 days ago

Worked @ Starbucks once ~ Carmel Macchiato??

healey_troy 1805 days ago

Could be camden market! Still lookin' good - leotard or not!

lilb1814 1805 days ago

seattle? (starbucks really gives it a way kath! ;) )

ilive2read 1805 days ago

I hope that's tea in that cup.

oliviersansau 1805 days ago

loooolll really? a shirt tucked in??????? looks like ur wearing a leotard lol

b4evrwld 1805 days ago

who cares it's kathy and starbucks what more could i want :))

RickCaballero 1805 days ago

Omg no makeup??? Still looking good girl:)

bettyann329 1805 days ago

hey you in London!! Two dear friends will be cing U Sunday! fans..watch out :)

BeatleDaily 1805 days ago

flea martet in kentucky

BlueBerryWitch 1805 days ago

You have to give us a hint, All we see is beautiful you in a pink top, blue jeans and coffee.

michellianna 1805 days ago

oh i c u found a starbucks...is it the one near the tower or london?! :) cheerios!

gdebra3 1805 days ago

I like the pink hoodie in a medium please. Pay you when I see ya!

Mugsysam 1805 days ago


Jakezorz 1805 days ago

Too bad it's not Little Rock! There are SO many people here who want you to come!

superjim77 1805 days ago

I give up-can you give us a clue?

VaticanLokey 1805 days ago

I'm guessing London, Ontario.

oshbob 1805 days ago

can you drink anything other than starbucks.

JenniMihm 1805 days ago

Denver?? lol