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AHHHHH! What is this? I need species, danger factor, facts & farce:

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1512 days ago

AHHHHH! What is this? I need species, danger factor, facts & farce:


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kenscheint 1477 days ago

Hi Elizabeth, It appears to be a Brown Recluse Spider to me. Or Commonly the Fiddle-Back.Add me Ken

eventsoftdev 1511 days ago

I believe that's a Mighty Bean tangled in some string. [http://www.mightybeanz.com/]

OrenSatov 1511 days ago

2 body segments=arachnid/spider. 3 body segs=insect. If WL-spider then has non-red carapace on back.

jmralls2001 1511 days ago

My best guess is that it's some kind of ant.

OrenSatov 1511 days ago

I don't see 8 legs, pedipalps or chelicerae. Not the best pic & parts can be lost in crushing but thinking it's not a spider. Do you live near a U with an entomology dept?

Into_the_Never 1511 days ago

And that has officially heebied my geebies for the day. Thanks. Ew.

DarthShawner 1511 days ago

i agree with AKGlasson. Woodlouse spider. I get them a good bit at home.

Roshanie21 1511 days ago

Eww are you sure its not a bed bug or something?

SimonJadis 1512 days ago

Not a pretty spider (while, say, Black Widows are elegant and fabulous). You needn't worry~

AKGlasson 1512 days ago

It looks like a Woodlouse spider... search google images, it's the closest I thing I could find :)

andrepreisler 1512 days ago

if it has six legs it is an insect. If it has eight legs it is a spider :-)

jrod1018 1512 days ago

That's the best kind of toilet paper :)

onlyakb 1512 days ago

hummmmmm red and scary!!!

NeverGoing2quit 1512 days ago

i agree with louse spider...not harmful to humans...except the ick factor! BTW thx for the heebee jeebees lol

Sahwisegamgee 1512 days ago

Also that's not spider...

Sahwisegamgee 1512 days ago

Could be a Cicurina found similar pics here: http://bugguide.net/node/view/236713

eerian_sadow 1512 days ago

no idea what it is, but living in Brown Recluse country i KNOW that it's not one of them.

CdR_85 1512 days ago

Bon app├ętit ! :p Is it Bear Grylls last lunch ?