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Thoughts? #HawthoRNe

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1812 days ago

Thoughts? #HawthoRNe


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drowndeep 1811 days ago


smokeydi2u 1812 days ago

What can I say but great way to start the season. Very sad for Christina

Bridgetnys 1812 days ago

Omg, loved it! Hooked again! Love additional cast Derek Luke & Marc Anthony!!!!!! You rock Jada!!!

ErinT1212 1812 days ago

OK, first off...why would you wear heels like that to work?!! :) Second, that episode was amazing!!

TINETIME 1812 days ago

I think I've already figured out the season of Hawthorne and if I'm correct all I can say is, "Damn, Damn, Damn!" #hawthorne

Ketaj1316 1812 days ago

Definely brought the drama. Awesome performance by the cast. Congrat on an intense season opener!

territcarter 1812 days ago

Well done!! Season 3 started off with a bang!!! full of various emotions...always watch it at 9 (central time) then again @ 11, then again on video on demand LOL

chefbigdog 1812 days ago

DAMN!!! great job,keep it coming!!!

CRISTY_MB 1812 days ago

Spectacular beginning to the new season! Jada, you are an amazing actress & a true blessing to the entertainment community. I look forward to watching the rest of the episodes this season. My hat goes off to you & the rest of the Hawthorne crew

ohloveally 1812 days ago

OMG. So much craziness in one episode. I'm confused did Marc Anthony do it. I can tell this season is going to be intense.

ptl4jesus 1812 days ago

so confuse afta watchn the premier of #Hawthorne. Did Nick do it? I am so sad she lost the baby.

Megan_Jaguars23 1812 days ago

Marley and me that says

whoisCandace 1812 days ago

Jada...thank you for bringing real TV back. Please tell me who own the ring? And why Marc Anthony gave it to Christina, (#$!# nailbitter!)

Megan_Jaguars23 1812 days ago

This episode was such a tear jerker... I cried so much i don't think i cry this much during barley and ms:)

DollFaceNeicee 1812 days ago

- omgggg . . . i just wanna cry right noww !

Simplyme4u 1812 days ago

i havent cried so much from watching a show.. great way to open the season.. cant wait till next Tuesday.. Jada.. way to go Great Acting

davistammy 1812 days ago

I have stomach cramps just watching the opening of season 3, I couldn't watch but then I had to so I could see what was happening, OMG this was a tear jerker Jada but there were alot of great actors and actress's. Why the write off of the baby, sad :(

tey4lyfe 1812 days ago

tha mest up how u lost ur baby 4real man

seniorfan4keysh 1812 days ago

dramatic episode. cried 4 baby tho .but had to be . writing.and acting the best! jada=emmy

Kymba7 1812 days ago

The show surpassed all of my expectations...simply brilliant! Marc Anthony is a beast, btw!