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Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

I built this. And YES it does EXACTLY what you think it does. #fromset #Mythbusters

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1812 days ago

I built this. And YES it does EXACTLY what you think it does. #fromset #Mythbusters


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KARL_TIDMAN 1812 days ago

Oh! please tell me that it shoots tennis balls at Tory, you know you want to #muhahaha!

Wrenwrangler 1812 days ago

"small tears of joy" Oh tennis ball air cannon you are so very cool!

catboxcrazy 1812 days ago fun fun!

claudia3793 1812 days ago

cool :)

Kevin_Boyd_ 1812 days ago

For 6 easy payment of $39.99 you can have your very own Crotch Puncher 2000!

Blargal 1812 days ago

Power eunuch reverser?

LetsGoLeafs42 1812 days ago

A winner is you!

andy_hc 1812 days ago

So you really build a giant pneumatic powered lime juicer?

insanulihsan 1812 days ago

woah.. do U fill the ball in anyway?

AardvarkSagus 1812 days ago

Care to share what valve you are using?

Kittersplat 1812 days ago

Clearly lacks imagination if it only does what people think it does.

AardvarkSagus 1812 days ago

I love it! I used black powder though:

cassus 1812 days ago

Create a more compact one and you've got business in the Megaman Cosplay community.

eldamon 1812 days ago

How do you ignite them as you fire? Any self respecting tennis ball canon should shoot flaming balls.

antiavenger 1812 days ago

So did you get any tips from the guy who made the cannon for American Gladiators? Looks awesome

weezmgk 1812 days ago

Obviously a demonstration of Newton's 3rd law; when tennis balls are fired, cannon rolls away.

Leeatthesea 1812 days ago

My dog would go crazy!

sideshowcarny 1812 days ago

Paintball tennis anyone?

projectfreeism 1812 days ago

This seems horribly dangerous. And by dangerous, I mean awesome.

DJMegaHz 1812 days ago

are those...SOFTBALLS?