Hi, I'm ryan and i tweet funny things for you;) #Instagram:lazington

comment everyone ;)

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1903 days ago

comment everyone ;)


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StylesTomlinson 1875 days ago

hello who are you?? what is your name?? like to come to my house??? :)

Abbyy_shawtyy 1875 days ago

Mad Sexy (;♥ lol #Schwag

lenochkalevkina 1875 days ago


Courtneydavis8 1875 days ago

Well um Your Sexy!!! :)

_chloeeex 1875 days ago

mm ello.

superstar1121 1875 days ago

Oh My you are so sexy!!!:)

iakoaladancebot 1875 days ago

hello sexy

KidrauhlsGurl_ 1875 days ago

well hello there mr sexy ;)

sarahandsons 1879 days ago

well hello sexy ;P

Phillipe_Rae 1879 days ago

Nice Blackberry! =]

tefi_28 1880 days ago

sexy ;)

gangstakidrauhl 1880 days ago

Dayuumm!! Sexy (;

hesaidWOAH 1880 days ago

Ahhh, you peng thangggg.

Kellasauras 1880 days ago

like I said before, pretty fly for a white guy ;)

stratfordescape 1880 days ago

Hehe cute :)

iMahoneBelieber 1880 days ago

you are so cute ♥

YulHoe 1880 days ago


elenaFberry 1900 days ago

mmmhm tasty(:

OhSoDivine_ 1900 days ago

majorly peng ;)

missi1997 1900 days ago