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2805 days ago


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MessyVelcro 2804 days ago

Is that a shoe fail? or a dumbbell win? o well. look on the bright side. at least your wearing socks with your sandals!

matt5605 2805 days ago

that sucks man, i remember having to wear one of least it came with plenty of pain killers.

Schuey2k2 2805 days ago

Yeah, at least you didn't have to get a cast put on your middle toe. That would suck!

EMcCutchan 2805 days ago

Ah, the colloquially known "post-op" shoe. Its solid sole will keep your foot in alignment for healing!

AlyzabethM 2805 days ago

Aw, boo. They gave you the kind of cast that's too freaking hard to sign. That's no fun.

tracerm6c 2805 days ago

first stop sk8 shop for some stickers and put some bling up and down that shoe BING BING my ninja!

tim_just_tim 2805 days ago

You should pimp that ride.

RobThy 2805 days ago

Wasted perfectly good money on the ER for a toe? They can never do anything but a toe...

hippo_hooray 2805 days ago

If you take a quick glance, it looks kinda like an overgrown Converse sneaker.

AlejandraDD 2805 days ago

Sexxay! At least it's not a cast. I always freak out when they tell me they have to SAW those off.

meerhan 2805 days ago

Oh no! So sorry- hope it heals fast!

kathygee1 2805 days ago

Nice shoe...hope you at least got some good pain med!!! Take care!

joebkobe 2805 days ago

Had to wear one of these "shoes" once. Not very comfortable! Good Luck!!

gabeMF 2805 days ago

Ahhhh good ol ortho shoe!!! I still have mine from when I broke my toe

algonacchick 2805 days ago

aww, well, now you're gonna have to learn to walk funny, all flat-footed on that foot. Bummer.

dianadamico 2805 days ago

so sexxxxxxxxxy! =) I hope your recovery is a quick one!

ElePhatt 2805 days ago

Can this be done tom's shoes style? everytime you break a bone in your body an orphan in africa finds a loving home?

pikey52 2805 days ago

Sweet shoe, How do I get one? Oh wait broken toe:)