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...for the heart is an organ of fire...

DAY 58. 

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1866 days ago

DAY 58.


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Stephani_12 1852 days ago

Love this one! This is one of fav! <3

gabymota18 1860 days ago

omg this is awesome i love this!

xMaritaMonster 1862 days ago

She looks like at the British awards of 2010 <3 Brilliant drawing.

krazykymmyie 1865 days ago

I like the Victorian look of this and I cannot forget the design on the body...that gives it so much of a mystical look.

Oddwhims 1865 days ago

Love...reminds me of the 18th century court at Versailles!

LeslieA23 1866 days ago

love this, especially the filigree. amazing work as always :)

Terriaw 1866 days ago

Such intriguing and mysterious imagery! I love seeing all you can do with a pencil.

harliluyah 1866 days ago

like the flora sketch on body, but it doesn't look like a costume

Endykay 1866 days ago

I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ Nigeria! We call dis 1 "GBAM" Kat! U̶̲̥̅̊® d best i'hv ever seen.....

katvondworld 1866 days ago

As usual, amazing one. Love ya Kat <3

Rutkah 1866 days ago

lindo !!!

JadeXsis 1866 days ago

Classiqe'! y elegant

callhimkermit 1866 days ago

is that Kate Moss? looks kinda like Kate Moss. :)

Kirstiemeyow 1866 days ago

OMFG, so hot and beautiful! <3

drgordis 1866 days ago


JenniferGenius 1866 days ago

You're a real inspiration to many Kat! Keep it up!

JenniferGenius 1866 days ago

Kat, I am enjoying seeing your work everyday! It's helping me get through monotype Search Engine Opt

JenniferGenius 1866 days ago

And perhaps only post when you see art visually related to "Heaven" or "Hell".

princess_ink 1866 days ago

Stunning sketch, love it!