Traci Dinwiddie


Actress, Yogini, West African Drummer, Part Time Badass, Full Time Fruit Cake!

Introducing..."Puch"!!!  #theactorsgang

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2079 days ago

Introducing..."Puch"!!! #theactorsgang


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PoeticCourage 2018 days ago

Puch.....Pucho in spanish means "cigarette butt" literally.

BrodyTayTay021 2036 days ago

Haha. Love the getup and I Love you :)

shadowbutch 2079 days ago

That's just cool :)

talstra47 2079 days ago

Hi, tell me more about Puch...

Eberhardtfree 2079 days ago

Super cutie!

Chefdeanna30 2079 days ago

This Sh*t is to funny...growing up in Brooklyn NY there was a man name Puch in my neighborhood he was so funny, your image looks just like him.. LMAO

heartgroove 2079 days ago

Haha! How cute is Puch!

sbrinkova 2079 days ago

xaxaxa.. now without this tooth and whit this modern shirt OOOO Traci u are very simpatic!

baykeech 2079 days ago

Hahah Love it!!

LuckyLeesa 2079 days ago

I'm still splitting! " Don't I look really Puch in this pic too? " #Lmao #Loveit

Flynn1990 2079 days ago

Cute...The patterns of the shirt alone is beginning to cause vertigo across the world ;)