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What was important was not that the begger was drunk and reeling, but that he was mounted on his horse, and however unsteadily, was going somewhere. Thomas Wolf

always so nervous right before show time- (can't you see it in my face) #randomroadsnaps

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1478 days ago

always so nervous right before show time- (can't you see it in my face) #randomroadsnaps


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Dashti89 1475 days ago

Is that you in full house loool

GabbyIndigo 1476 days ago

BTW, John, does the doll have that adorable cleft in it's chin just like you have? Just wondering!

GabbyIndigo 1476 days ago

After all these years of performing in front of live audiences, you still get nervous and stage fright?

cjstarrharvey 1477 days ago

haha! love it!

flforever 1477 days ago

you saved him, he is cute

MEMDaniels 1478 days ago

JESSE'S BACK!!!!!!!!

Lauren225 1478 days ago

Too much plastic surgery

discolady82 1478 days ago

You are awesome!

discolady82 1478 days ago

I have loved you, and wrote you letters as a teenager. I still love you! I wish I could kiss you!

Kvanov 1478 days ago

Awww He survived being run over...glad he made it..sure he/you have nothing to be nervous about awesome drummer/voice FOREVER!!!! :0)

ssstaceyface 1478 days ago

I somehow still have my uncle Jesse action figure, although all that's left of his clothes are the white sneakers

BecciDunn 1478 days ago

Why? Uncle Jesse's not playing a barber's convention, is he???

kayj412 1478 days ago

Lol ya i see it in ur face. Very cute! :)

julnels 1478 days ago

I want one! :)

mbjewel 1478 days ago

I can't read the expression at all... you ARE a GREAT actor! :-)

julnels 1478 days ago

Haha! Love this! :)

lindsanator 1478 days ago

Hahaha! Amazing.

jasmooti 1478 days ago