Why yo Polo Photoshoped?

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2051 days ago

Why yo Polo Photoshoped?


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SoLovely_Leann 1866 days ago

lmfao you can tell its photoshopped kus there is no wrinkles around the logo ahahhaa

Music_finest 1919 days ago

o damn sorry kid

JunniorisSOsex 1929 days ago

Dam Skippey

DOPELOVE98 1931 days ago


ashleyyamour 1931 days ago


WavyBoi_J 1935 days ago

lmaoooooo Im #Weak

Im_Ashanti 1939 days ago


SheTweets2Much 1939 days ago

this is pathetic..

DexxxhK 1940 days ago

ate up.

tanweytweets 1945 days ago

WTF. #brokeniggasmakemesick throw uppp!

_AmyKelley 1967 days ago


SupremeBrown 1968 days ago

-DEAD- lmao

Schwaaaag 1968 days ago

jump off a cliff ,

_tripleTHREAT_ 1968 days ago

a STUPID hot mess !

PrettyMufucka 1972 days ago

Noooo!! Really?? ...I hate 4 ppl to see him n public. *points Aye its da boy wit da photoshop polo!

Novembers_child 2005 days ago

Oh shit..#publicitystuntworkin..

_KickAsx_ 2011 days ago

Gr8T_LaKez 2012 days ago

SMFH Fake azz polo...the lengths niggas go fa brand name.

itsreallyjeff 2013 days ago

that aint notice able at all.. what yall takin bout .....LMAO!!!

kenstrumental 2013 days ago

thats fucked up b............ look at this negro