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Oh hell no!! 'Magazines' at my gym!!!! Gross!!!

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1803 days ago

Oh hell no!! 'Magazines' at my gym!!!! Gross!!!


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gamermom31 1792 days ago

I think i would have to "forget" some of my most liberal magazines at the gym for other peeps.

elainetravels 1802 days ago

Maybe you can gift some subscriptions to some real magazines for them, like The Advocate and Mother Jones.

Animadi 1802 days ago

Bitch and Bust, ftw! This is weird!
What does this have to do w/ fitness? Is conceiving, carrying, delivering, raising, a child the new hip workout for women?

kooncey 1802 days ago

oh! uh uh..i would have to have a talk with the manager about that one. eeeekkk!

blainecmh 1802 days ago


garyrburns 1802 days ago

The enemy is everywhere!

wannabe_writer 1802 days ago

Stupid propaganda! Throw that in the trash!!

wannabe_writer 1802 days ago

Stupid freakin propaganda. throw that shit in the trash!

SirDukered 1803 days ago

i loveee the idea of scratching out the "the" and writing "your own damn family". so much so that I wish we had these magazines in Toronto so i could find them all and do just that.

riwired 1803 days ago

I always toss religious magazines in the trash. But first I rip them in half! lol...

BobSandyBeach 1803 days ago

They make good pet box liners!

amanda525 1803 days ago

Hide them, or throw them away! Something!

alexisgoldstein 1803 days ago

you need to switch gyms. the only magazines they have at equinox have nicole ritchie on the cover

Tora_NYC 1803 days ago

I could see Fitness or Health magazines at a gym but these are belong in a pediatrician's office. Looks like propaganda to me!

michinyun 1803 days ago

Aw man, are they out of "The Watch Tower"? That's my favorite to ignore.

VictorianPirate 1803 days ago

Oh, eww. I always have an urge to scratch out "the" and write in "your own damn" - they can stay the hell out of my life.

Cinematt01 1803 days ago


winnersusedrugs 1803 days ago

Uhhh 'cause its Focus On The Family? DUUURrrr

winnersusedrugs 1803 days ago

@ 504LawyerGurl Uhhh 'cause its Focus On The Family? DUUURrrrr

ChaseExLibris 1803 days ago

At least take comfort in the fact it looks more like Mommy is choosing a snack. :)