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!FIRST PHOTO! Gabrielle Giffords looks fantastic!

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1933 days ago

!FIRST PHOTO! Gabrielle Giffords looks fantastic!


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MayraMejiaBAMS 1931 days ago

No matter what the experts say the future only comes one day at a time. I have great faith in Gabby's recovery

dknights51 1932 days ago

The people of Canada extend our heartfelt wishes for you Gabrielle.

whoneedsit 1932 days ago

This picture makes me happy for the promise you have in the future, and I'm still pulling for you from Massachusetts. Best Light Wishes Gabby. Kris.

SophalMiracle 1932 days ago

Smile even though U R just Recovering fr Surgery! Smile's t/best Medicine even if U R hurting! #CNN

JohnnyBastard0 1932 days ago

so much of an inspiration. glad to see ur doing a whole lot better.

CathyKeisha 1932 days ago

Here's hoping u feel as good as u look. Ur an inspiration to many.

MikeHill_ 1932 days ago

Go Gab!!!!

CharlesBack1 1933 days ago


Gerlinco 1933 days ago

Gabby's ongoing recovery is a testament to her inner strength and some wonderful doctors.

ChrisAstro 1933 days ago


ampvamd 1933 days ago

Awe-inspiring photo! I wish you the best in ongoing recovery

Louisbellera 1933 days ago

Best of luck to you! You are an inspiration to rise out of a black and tragic day. Let us not forget the little girl that perished and all others harmed by that madman. God bless them all.

Iammommak 1933 days ago

you look great, bless you for fighting so hard, we need more people like you...........

pinkpalmgirl 1933 days ago

Bless her heart ..she's a true miricle ! :)

jussomeinfo 1933 days ago

Mrs. Giffords you look fantastic, really fantastic. God said its not your time and I'm goiing to put you back together so your journey can continue. God Bless You and the Staff that he gave knowledge to for this happen for you. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU,

chadmjervis 1933 days ago

I <3 . She is so strong.

Voicebyangie 1933 days ago

Speechless, you look amazing. Congratulations.

vthuman 1933 days ago

Absolutely beautiful. Good for you, Gabrielle!

Hols_thegranary 1933 days ago

Well done on what must have been a long hard road to recovery! You're looking fantastic. What an inspiration to us all! xx

SagDecWho 1933 days ago

nice to see you