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When I tweet, I tweet to kill.

Here is a pic of Beast he has been missing for 1 hour.

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1938 days ago

Here is a pic of Beast he has been missing for 1 hour.


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androidsmooth 1819 days ago

Beast? Like Hank McCoy? He's a bit small isn't he? He's freaking adorable! Did you find him?

aRosaryMaker 1937 days ago

While Beast is a cutie, I cannot imagine those ears not hearing his name when you call -- no matter where he is. Get out and look. He can't be that far. Find him before a car does.

Giannithecollie 1937 days ago

Beautiful so cute Gianni the collie loves little dogs.What a great use of twitter.

KadeeDearest 1938 days ago

I hope you find him Dane. He's a QT.

MrWoodsie 1938 days ago

I sincerly hope u find your bestfreind my heart goes out to you and beast he is probly scared hopfully safe. Prayers n hope to u my friend. Jon

BabyxxxLisa 1938 days ago

My heart breaks for you. I hope you find him and he's safe. I'd be devastated if I lost one of my animals. Good luck.

AmerikaJayne 1938 days ago

awww! breaks my heart! hope he's found by good people!!!

karenmohd64 1938 days ago

I am SO sorry, Dane! I'll say prayers for his safe return. <3

AmaViarra 1938 days ago

Is he micro-chipped? If so, that will help. Alert shelters and veterinarians that he is missing.

jordanstanly 1938 days ago

‎:( Sorry I can't help ( I live IL ). But I hope you find Beast & I'll be praying for the both of you.

Breezyy9809 1938 days ago

aww a min pin?? i have one too and they love to run! I'm sure he'll find his way back.. he's adorable

Opticheart 1938 days ago

Aww, what a sweetie. I hope you find him Dane!

DanielleLH 1938 days ago

aww I hope you find him! I'm sure he'll find his way home.

MandyDittmer 1938 days ago

Awww. :( He's too cute! I hope you find him!

Flying_P_Ranch 1938 days ago

Better hope he didn't wander over to East Hollywood!

prync3sspynk 1938 days ago

having it reposted on facebook..maybe everybody could do that..

Blooddrinker 1938 days ago

I wish you the best of luck to find him! poor puppy!

awesometown80 1938 days ago

I can't even imagine my pup missing. If I lived closer, I'd be helping in a heartbeat! Good luck Dane!

TweetCoco 1938 days ago

Call on Mother Earth Anza to bring your beautiful Beast home for you. Ask her for her help.

KaitlinFame 1938 days ago

OH NO!.... His name is beast. How ironic.