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thought you might like this. Very recent. :)

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1901 days ago

thought you might like this. Very recent. :)


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DenayaDawson 1788 days ago

Like, no LOVE, John and GDL <3

Sarrrna 1796 days ago

We might like this? WE LOVE THIS. Thank you! *yep, still misses Jack/Ianto*

rebecca_nar 1841 days ago

yes yes i do like this

hammingtonbear 1845 days ago

i do xxxx

Lorling 1846 days ago

Looove this picture!! :-))

ILoveTorchwood 1846 days ago

AWW!!! JANTO! I miss you guys together, you always made such a cute couple in Torchwood! :D

ShirJ2 1847 days ago


Maryne_Harkness 1856 days ago

beautiful pics :)

MrsRTBG 1889 days ago

WOW looking great boys GDLlooks very different didn't recoginse him at first,Still goodlooking though

ElenaPuzena 1892 days ago

какие зайцы))) very nice

Grissom49 1894 days ago

After an awful week, found this. What a great start to a new week!

scrapozzie 1895 days ago

Haha for a change John you have more bristles on your chin than Gareth. Beautiful picture

missthingsplace 1898 days ago

Fantastic pic :)

NixGreen 1898 days ago

Aaaahhh! JANTO! Looking amazing guys!

zwiebelbaguette 1898 days ago

Most beautiful picture I've seen in the last months - Janto back together - even if not in TW

Thatisfun 1898 days ago

Ah, this pic makes me miss Jack and Ianto on Torchwood! Both of you look fantastic!

iantos_first 1899 days ago

Now, if u tell us this is from recent filiming, then all my Christmas' would have come at once. Love ya both and I want more Janto! GDL looking VERY hot. Marriage must suit him.

Dalek_Skeet 1899 days ago

LOVE IT!! :) Love both u gorgeous guyz :) cant wait to see u Gareth at supanova!! :D

fifty4ten 1899 days ago

Oh yes we Do! Love JB & Love GD-L You look beautiful together!
Still wanting further adventures for Janto and not just on the radio.

JohnsEngel 1899 days ago

Great pic John!