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1787 days ago


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TheRoyalLadyEma 1726 days ago

I love to see & hear these two men so happy! It warms my heart; thank you for sharing!

doctorwhogeek13 1732 days ago

ahh, i remember when i first watched this it so cheered up my birthday

angel063 1732 days ago

Ohhh so cute!
My dog hates swimming xD

mum_of_two_kids 1766 days ago

ahh sooo cute how old is cj now

JohnsEngel 1785 days ago

Thank you John for this video!I Love your dogs!

CaroBadWolf 1786 days ago

Thanks to share it with us :)

honeybunnyhk 1786 days ago

Aww, cj is a sweet, clever, cute dog. Thanks for sharing Johh.

hatorl 1787 days ago

Sooo cute, you´re having fun.

ingahauks 1787 days ago


Kellykuk 1787 days ago

i have never seen a dog like water so much! my english bull is a complete wuss with water!!

Time_Hound 1787 days ago

I knew that Jack's loved the water -- both of them...... ;) )

toshisback 1787 days ago

Not sure who is having more fun, CJ or John. Great vid! Thanks JB.

By_SJD 1787 days ago

My dogs are so afraid of the water it's nice to see some dogs still apperciate a pool.

torchwoodjbfan 1787 days ago

thankyou for that you did say you put it on

jbssecondwife 1787 days ago

so sweet

PurpleSuze 1787 days ago

ahh cheers for sharing this!! lovely :D xx

ParkSki 1787 days ago

so cute guys.

manicmargie 1787 days ago

arrr cuteness

LiandrasWood 1787 days ago

So cute!!!!!

gripper70 1787 days ago

cj such a cute