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1701 days ago


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ILOVEBARROWMAN 1624 days ago

Just looking through these old pic,s anyone spot the deliberate mistake, well not really a mistake. clue:- Scotts sweatshirt

JohnsEngel 1699 days ago

Very nice pic John!Looks grreat!#

sexysuzie45 1700 days ago

You look well John,loving the spiky hair

jedikat71 1700 days ago

What a cute trio! :)

patanntaylor 1700 days ago

You are both incredibly good looking - but be careful of those frown lines :) xx

hope2259 1701 days ago


zoeyzoom 1701 days ago

Great pic!

Time_Hound 1701 days ago

Joyous picture - lovely happy faces -- thanks guys!

pinklady9087 1701 days ago

bless u both look knacked

Tracyann45 1701 days ago

sweet couple, love ya both to bits.xx

mrsjbarrowman2b 1701 days ago

John that is a gorgeous smile babes i always did love it , so infectious.

thearcherclan 1701 days ago

ooooh, scott, looking sooooo good when you smile - seriously gorgeous xxx

ZenMonkey 1701 days ago

I was just wearing Scott's shirt yesterday! (My husband's a vet & was in an Airborne division.)

HanSparkle86 1701 days ago

Oooooooooooo looking lovely boys!!! <3

LilFerret 1701 days ago

Seriously...such a handsome family.

brianfromnj 1701 days ago

hi guys adorable xoxo

nccsdp 1701 days ago

Hello john hello scott. Hello dogs. Very cute Xxxxxx. Love You scott and john

seekelseytweet 1701 days ago

so cute you guys! happen to have room for one more? me and my dachshund won't take up that much room :P

yeles 1701 days ago

Hello cuties... hello dogs

theprevinn 1701 days ago

You guys always smile. I love the print in the background.